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Here is an Easy Method to Search for Digital Backhauls and Wildfeeds!

Buy the Coship CDVB3188C and boy is it easy!!!

Here is what I use to have to do...

Digital Backhauls are Easy to Surf for! There are many different ways to Surf the Sky for Backhauls and Wildfeeds, but here is one of the Easiest Ways that I use to Surf for Digital Feeds.

I use my 4DTV and load one of the Favorites list with just the channels that are normally used for Backhauls and Wildfeeds. Then I go to a satellite and Hit Options 6 - 5 to bring up the Signal Strength Display. I check the channels and when I See Strong Signal Strength and No Analog Video, then I switch over to my SatCrusier DSR101Plus MPEG2 receiver and Input the Frequency and use the Auto Symbol Search Feature to see if I can lock the signal. While the SatCruiser will find many feeds, the Symbol Rate that it reads out is usually not close enough for other receivers to use and get a lock. So I then go to my BEC DB6600+ MPEG2 receiver and input the Symbol Rate that the SatCruiser found and start changing the Symbol Rate by counts of 20, until it shows Strong Signal and Quality. I know when I start getting close, because the Signal and Quality Bars start dancing back and forth and then turn to YELLOW when I get within a 10 to 20 count range of the actual Symbol Rate. Then I can share the information with others who have the same interests.

This is just one way To Enjoy the High Tech Hobby of Stalking the Backhauls and Wildfeeds.


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Gofastmotorsports Price

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